FFP3 Mask Fit Testing Service

We are offering the opportunity for local health professionals to access our FFP3 Mask Fit Testing Service.  If you need to wear a FFP3 mask at work that relies on making a seal with your face then you need a fit test?

A fit test is a simple test which checks whether a person’s mask safely fits their face shape and size.  When worn correctly, respiratory protective equipment (RPE) should protect the wearer from airborne hazards.  As people come in all sorts of shapes and sizes it is unlikely that one particular type or size of respiratory protective equipment will fit everyone.  A fit test will help ensure that the RPE selected is suitable for the wearer.

Currently, we are able to offer qualitative and quantitative forms of fit testing, which result in matching an individual’s face shape with a compatible mask to ensure a tight seal is achieved.

  • Used only for disposable and FFP3 respirator half masks
  • The individual wears a hood over the head and neck and the tester sprays a bitter solution into the hood for taste sensitivity
  • The wearer carries out a series of exercises, such as turning the head from side to side and talking
  • If the individual can taste the solution, there is a break in the mask’s seal resulting in a failure of the fit test

A fit test report, information pack and certificate will be issued if fit test is successful.  In the event of an unsuccessful fit test further advice would be provided.

All training and testing will be carried out under strict social distancing and you are required to bring your own mask as we are unable to supply them.

Currently there are no events.