The James Cook Airway Course

The James Cook Airway Course is a programme aimed at training trainees and consultants who would like to have training in fibreoptic intubation.  

Awake fibreoptic intubation is a procedure often difficult to obtain in clinical practice and this course allows delegates to perform topical local anaesthesthesia of the airway and perform awake fibreoptic intubation using the actual course delegates as volunteers.  However, the delegate can either act as a volunteer or as observer who would not be expected to undergo endoscopy or intubation.  

The endoscopy and intubation are carried out under the close supervision of the faculty and the safety of the delegate is paramount throughout.  

The course allows a total of 6 volunteers and 2 observers during the course (8 delegates in total).  This ensures the delegates have maximum exposure during the practical sessions, with intense supervision.  

No pre course knowledge is required for the course and delegates will be taken through theories of topical anaesthesia of the airway, anatomy, structure and function of a fibreoptic endoscope, part-tasking in the setup of fibreoptic endoscope, manipulation of the endoscope and finally a demonstration of an awake fibreoptic intubation during a practical session.  

Each delegate will take turns to perform topical local anaesthesia of the airway and endoscopy and participants should expect to be able to perform at least 4 endoscopies / intubations.

Currently there are no events.