Clinical Responsibility

Course overview

Clinical Responsibility is an intensive and practical training day.  Through trainer-led discussions and practical case studies, the issues facing healthcare professionals in their daily practice will be examined.  Accountability within the organisation and the individual responsibility will both be considered.

The extent and nature of the professional’s duty of care will be discussed in the light of relevant case law.  The distinction between a negligent act and an error of judgement which is not negligent will be analysed.  The risk of blame and litigation will be put in context to demonstrate how to practice safely and lawfully, without being hindered by unrealistic fears.

The principles of clinical audit and risk management will be discussed to enable learning and improvement in clinical practice to create and maintain best practice standards.

Key Learning Points

  • Recognising the implications of clinical and managerial responsibility
  • Assessing personal and corporate accountability
  • Appreciating the responsibility of the organisation and the individual
  • Understanding the extent of the duty of care
  • Understanding when an adverse outcome constitutes negligence
  • The requirements for achieving a successful defence and justification of clinical practice when there is an adverse outcome
  • How to implement best practice clinical audit and risk management in a non-blaming culture

The training is provided by Bond Solon who is the UK's leading medico legal training consultancy.

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